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A Moment Between Events

Over the last couple of months I have found the inspiration to delve into the world of aviation artwork. Although aviation is an industry I am well acquainted with, aviation art is one that is relatively new to me. With my paintings, I enjoy romanticizing the world of transportation and anthropomorphizing these mechanical subjects. Disassembled, they are not much more than nuts, bolts and unidentifiable scraps of metal, but once assembled they become so much more. Our lives can often be found hanging in the balance of these machines and very few can appreciate this more than those that sit in the cockpit.

storm 5 269x300 A Moment Between Events ‘Approaching Storm’ 18″x20″ (original and prints available)

I recall a book once lent to me from a friend telling the tale of a Dehavilland Vampire flying back from a reconnaissance trip during WWII. As memory recalls, the flight was a night mission and on return the aircraft lost all electrical power in the cockpit. With blacked out instruments the pilot was left to ponder his fate and fall back on training to get him home. Without instrumentation the pilot had to use visual markers from the landscape to navigate, and nothing was ever more beautiful to him than the recognizable and welcoming sight of the English countryside below.

clouds 4 300x176 A Moment Between Events ‘In The Clouds’ 18″x30″ (original and prints available)

This story in mind led me to create my latest three aviation paintings that are all WWII era aircraft. In all three paintings the image captures a moment between events. Those times where the pilot is caught in a moment where he can allow himself the opportunity to notice the beauty of the environment around him, which was a stark contrast to the reality of the time and perhaps nature of his mission.

italian campaign website 300x199 A Moment Between Events ‘Italian Campaign’ 16″x24″ (original and prints available)