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Great Northern Railway 274

Now that the holidays are over Cheri and I are hard underway prepping and planning for a fun and successful 2013. Our New Year’s goals have us entering a few more shows this year as well as building a new Studio Gallery in our home. Work on the studio is already almost done and I am really enjoying the bigger area to work in. Once completed it will allow us the ability to showcase my paintings and entertain collectors.

I have just finished my latest painting ‘Great Northern Railway 274’. This was my first Train painting and I had a lot of fun painting this scene. As a kid my mom and dad surprised me with the most amazing electric train set one year for Christmas and painting this brought those great memories back. This painting sold before it was finished to one of our favourite collectors and we had the great pleasure of delivering it in person. Delivering paintings to this particular collector is a complete pleasure and we always leave with generous amounts of her fantastic baked goods! Prints of this painting are now available through my online store.

gnr 7 300x148 Great Northern Railway 274

As this painting was so much fun to do Cheri and I have been out on the search for more Railway subjects to capture in paint. We travelled out to the West Coast Railway Heritage Park in Squamish on a foggy Sunday morning thinking the fog would add a great moody feel to a painting. To our surprise the fog ended as soon as we were past Horseshoe Bay, but we were not disappointed. We were left with a beautiful sunny day and the park was virtually empty of visitors giving us an unimpeded view for every photo.  We left with some great photos and there will definitely be some more train paintings in the near future.

As some of you may have already read on my facebook page, we have recently filled an order for prints to a gallery in Roma Italy. We look forward to seeing how the paintings are received by art enthusiasts over there. We also had another small mention in this month’s American Art Collector Magazine. Having sold the painting ‘Nash Harvest’ after its feature in the November issue, this month’s write up can be found in the ‘Sold’ section of the magazine.

The continued support from White Dog Whistler Gallery has been greatly appreciated, and thanks to their dedication and hard work my painting ‘A Model On Skis’ has now found a home on the wall of an art collector in Toronto. I am looking forward to the challenge of creating a new painting to send up to the gallery soon!

I haven’t had any updates on my painting activity recently as I have been hard at work on a commission. With commissioned paintings I like to make sure that the individual commissioning the painting gets the first opportunity to see the finished painting. I am very excited with how this one is coming along and look forward to sharing the finished piece. This historical painting is of the S.S. Master alongside the Harken 1 on the Pitt River with the Garibaldi Mountains in the background and is being painted for the Port Coquitlam Heritage Society.

Thank you once again for your continued support and encouragement and Cheri and I look forward to seeing you at upcoming shows!