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Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

From the frosty blue colours of winter to the complimentary warm oranges of summer. My palette has seen the extremes of both sides of the colour wheel over the past few weeks.

win 8 268x300 Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year! ‘Wintery Retreat’ 16”x18” Acrylic on canvas, is my latest finished painting. This scene captures an older worn out snowmobile parked in front of a beautifully aged wooden cabin on the edge of a snow-covered forest. The snowmobile is a unique subject for a painting but it was the light blues and teals and the warm red pin striping that really made this subject appeal to me. The age shown by the rust and wear give evidence that this snowmobile has been used hard and lived a life of adventure. The cabin is full of rich texture found throughout the weathered wood grain that contrasts nicely to the virgin untouched snow on the roof. There is a peaceful harmony to the colours throughout this scene creating a visual  experience similar to the start of a beautiful snow packed day in the serene mountains and forests of B.C.

For further information on this painting, please contact White Dog Whistler Studio Gallery at: 604 932-2205

Currently, on my easel is my first train painting. The image and colours are a great escape during these winter months. In the summer, a trip along the Oregon coast in search for marine subjects to paint led to the discovery of this 1950 Locomotive found in Garibaldi Oregon. I was immediately drawn in by the vibrant Orange colours and the memories of playing with a similar looking model train when I was a young boy. The location of the scene in the painting is fictional. I wanted to see this train flying along dry prairie plains with snowy treeless mountains in the background. The plains will be rich in colours of raw sienna and burnt orange, to compliment the colour scheme on the train. The evidence of snow on the distant mountains and the blues in the sky will contrast the warmer values of the foreground balancing the overall feel of the painting.

To see works in progress for this painting, please visit my site and see ‘Great Northern Railway 274′.

I was honoured to have my painting ‘Comox Crown’ awarded the Finalist Award in the November Bold Brush Contest. This online contest is a monthly competition with approximately 800 submissions each month. ‘Comox Crown’ was also featured in the FCA Art Avenue Magazine’s winter edition, with a description on my process for painting this scene. Comox Crown is currently available, and if interested, we can arrange a viewing of this painting at your convenience.

I have a new painting that I am looking forward to starting in the New Year. I have been commissioned to do a historical marine themed painting showcasing the working life along the Pitt River by the Port Coquitlam Heritage and Cultural Society. They are opening a new Heritage Centre in March 2013, which will showcase historical artifacts and paintings commemorating the 100’Th birthday of Port Coquitlam.

My wife Cheri, and I, have had a great past year full of new experiences shared in the art world. We have met so many supportive and fantastic new people as well as rekindled friendships with those from our past. We look forward to continuing these relationships in’2013’ through our upcoming shows and events! Thank you all for your continued support and interest in my paintings. This support keeps me coming back to the easel painting after painting.

Wishing you a beautiful holiday season and a new year full of excitement in a variety of colours!


Neil Hamelin