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N. Hamelin latest paintings

I have always been aware of the beauty in autumn colours, but it was not until I picked up a paint brush that I really began to understand and appreciate just how intense and magical those colours truly are. The most intense examples of these colours I can remember were found while driving north through the Yukon on our way to Alaska, but that was before my days as an artist. This past fall, Cheri and I set out to seek these inspiring scenes on a road trip through the Cascade Mountains and they did not disappoint.


While touring a stretch of lonely dirt road north of Winthrop, we rounded a bend and came upon this beautiful forest of Birch trees. As the late afternoon warm glow from the sun fell upon the yellow leaves the effect was intoxicating. With these two paintings, my quest was to try to pay homage to those colours and the happiness we found in the scenes.


‘Birch Tree Cabin’ 21″x28.5″ acrylic on fine art board. I was so inspired by this area that I thought it would have been an incredible place to have lived at some point in time, in the solace and peaceful isolation found in nature. Any time we come across old cabins or homesteads I find myself pondering and imagining the lives that existed around this structure. Like my paintings of old vehicles and boats, old homes like these capture that same feeling for me.


‘Birch Tree Lane’ 21″x28.5″ acrylic on fine art board. I created this painting as a complimentary piece to ‘Birch Tree Cabin’. This painting is very reminiscent to the road we explored in the area. Although the painting was intended to compliment the other, I had not intended for the two to line up together they way they did. After painting this, I brought it into our living room and rested it next to the painting of the cabin and was so surprised to see the horizons line up perfectly! Not only did the horizon line up, but the tree line met up perfectly as well! The two paintings are now in matching frames and look fantastic hanging on the wall together.


Paintings like these allow us to escape for a moment, regardless of our current location, or the weather outside our front door. A quiet moment to ourselves while lost in the stories the painting may hold for us in our own unique way, is the purpose of hanging Art on our walls.

If interested in more information, or the chance to see these paintings in person, please contact us and we can arrange a personal viewing at your convenience.


Thank you again for your continued support and interest in my artwork!