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New Painting ‘Becalmed’

Over the last couple of years I have grown a new appreciation for this time of the year. For me, it’s the time where I bury myself away in my studio creating work for the new season of upcoming shows. I spend all day and evening working on my latest paintings getting lost in the scene, living vicariously through the stories they tell. My most recent finished painting being no exception.

This latest painting titled ‘Becalmed’ is 25”x30” on fine art board. This past summer I travelled to Victoria to visit their Classic Boat Festival where part of the show included a ‘sail past’. While standing out along the breakwater at Ogden Point the gorgeous 65’ Schooner Alcyone sailed by inspiring this painting. There is no way to look at a schooner under sail and not feel the potential for adventure and romanticize about travel to far off lands. Seeing her backlit by the sun in calm conditions with snowcapped coastal mountains in the background created a very calm and peaceful presence to this painting. Hence the title ‘Becalmed’ as it pertains to the sailing condition, as well as the play on words towards the feeling created by the imagery.

Finished Becalmed Copy 249x300 New Painting Becalmed

Becalmed, 25″x30″ acrylic on fine art board

It is only the beginning of the year and as a result of your continued interest and support in my artwork, sales have exceeded my abilities to keep up and I sincerely appreciate it! If you are interested in an opportunity to see this painting in person, we would be more than happy to facilitate a personal viewing. Please feel free to contact us via or at 604 460-0605 if you would like further information!

Back to the easel I go!

Neil Hamelin