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New Painting ‘Cache Creek Chevy’

At the end of what was a hectic and busy summer for Cheri and me, we decided to go on a short road trip up to Cache Creek and surrounding area to explore the region and look for inspiration for future paintings. Although our stretch of amazing weather had run out and we unfortunately experienced rain most of the time, we did get to find some very interesting and beautiful sights and landscapes that we hadn’t seen before.


While on our way towards Ashcroft, we stumbled upon this old 1936 Chevy sedan at rest in the scrub brush and grass. With all my paintings, I look for interesting subjects and create the scene in a way that I find visually compelling. One trap an artist painting in this genre can fall into is to paint ‘portraits’ of the subject without using the background and composition in a way to further tell a story.  With this painting, I wanted the old car to be an element in the landscape versus the primary subject of a portrait. With this in mind, I drew and composed the scene with the viewer seeing the car from behind. This helps the viewer’s eye move off into the background and surrounding area taking in the entire scenery. I always prefer grey skies with the feeling of a change in the forecast. There is energy to them and I feel it can create mood and tension in the painting in a way that a clear blue sky does not. With that being said, maybe the weather we experienced on our trip was a blessing!


This painting titled ‘Cache Creek Chevy’ is 18”x24.5” acrylics on fine art board.  If interested in seeing this painting in person, please feel free to contact us and we can arrange a viewing at your convenience!