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New Painting ‘Retired Ranch Hand’

When travelling to and from Alberta, my favourite landscape has always been the transition between wheat fields to Rocky Mountains. The contrast between the flat and open golden fields, against the jagged snow-capped blue mountains is incredibly pleasurable to the eye and is a very strong visual representation of Western Canada. As a kid, my family travelled back and forth between BC and Manitoba when visiting our family during the summers, and I have great memories of the drive. Sitting up front with my dad and testing his knowledge on every old derelict car we saw out in those fields was my favourite part of the trip. I grew up in and around classic cars and they have always played a big part of my life. Cheri can attest to this fact as when we moved in together, most of my boxes were filled with a lifelong collection of automotive themed magazines dating back to my childhood. She eventually won and my collection has been whittled down to a few remaining dust covered magazines, one of which features us on a trip we did in our classic Land Rover. Still to this day, my head whips around to any sign of an old car or truck while we our out on our travels, and this painting captures the essence of that moment of visceral reaction to a rust covered treasure.

‘Retired Ranch Hand’ 18”x34” captures a 1939 Ford Two Ton Truck out to rest in a farmer’s field. At one point in time this truck was probably indispensable to the owner of this farm, and the difficult proposal of parting with it may be the reason it still remains on the land. These vehicles take on a life of their own over the years, and can become windows through which memories of our past can be seen. With this painting I stuck to the strong complementary pairing of blue and gold and love the effect caused by the clouds rolling in over the mountains. The field was a challenge but I believe it has captured a feeling of movement as a breeze gently blows through.

Limited Edition Giclee prints are now available on our online store or can be ordered directly through us at

The original painting is also now available for sale. If interested in arranging a private viewing of this painting please feel free to contact us and we will arrange it at your convenience!

Thank you again for continued interest and support!