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Shades Of Blue

This last month has been busy with composing and creating 2 paintings that are unique to what I have painted to date. Inspired by a request to capture my style and vision in a tropical environment, I composed this first image of the Pelican on the old weathered boat. The combination in colours between the boat, water and sky, allowed a harmonious and minimalistic palette. I enjoy creating paintings that avoid heavy contrast in colour. Bringing the palm fronds down into view at the top of the painting framed the image and increased that tropical feel. I had a lot fun with the boat. Painting old weathered wood with flaking paint allows for the chance to become free with the image and create at will. With the rainy months upon us this painting gives that momentary feel of warmth and relaxation every time it’s viewed.

cap 5 271x300 Shades Of Blue ‘The Captain’ 18″x20″ Acrylic on canvas

Although I have been an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer for 17 years, I have yet to delve into Aviation Art. When I first started to paint I really enjoyed giving so much attention to subjects I knew little about. I have to admit that lately I feel a calling back to my roots and find myself searching out more Aviation subjects to capture in paint.

I spent a few years working on Dehavilland Beavers and always appreciated them for the workhorse they are. I really respect how an aircraft designed and built in the late 40’s is still the favourite by bush pilots and operators the world over. Built for only 20 years and operated in unforgiving environments, the fact that we see so many still in service today is a true testament to the design and quality of this aircraft.

This latest painting depicts a classic Dehavilland Beaver on a remote northern lake. Using a range of cool temperature colours and values, I wanted to create the feeling that even though the lake is no longer frozen over, the feel of winter is still evident. The snow is slowly melting on the mountains creating the interesting effect of highlighting the landscape showing the valleys and cliffs. To me it felt as if this was the first trip in to this location since the winter, hence the crates of supplies and goods. There is little in this scene to depict a particular age, but the font used for the writing on one of the crates gives evidence to this being a moment in our past. This painting captures that frontier way of life unique to our area of the world.

‘First Trip Of The Season’ 20″x32″ Acrylic on canvas

Both of these paintings have been captured as ‘works in progress’ on my site under the easel page for those interested in seeing the paintings unfold. For anyone interested in more information on these paintings or wish to see them in person, please contact me. For more information on upcoming shows and events follow me on facebook.

Thank you for your continued support!

Neil Hamelin