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‘The Chief’

chief 6 189x300 The Chief

Cheri and I spend many hopeful hours out searching the coastline and harbours looking for what is becoming an infrequent site which is the classic wooden commercial vessels from the past. To me, there is an inherent beauty and artistry in the design and fabrication of these older wooden ships. I love seeing the centuries of tradition that has been carried on and remain evident when studying the form and planking of these boats. They are a connection to the roots of our maritime heritage, and it is great to see them out on the waters alongside today’s modern vessels.

The Western Chief was built in 1947 in Victoria BC. We came upon her in a favourite place of ours, Steveston Marina. It is one of our accessible commercial marinas where ships like these are still found. With this painting I really wanted to capture the feeling of solitude. I left her alone tied up to the dock with no evidence of other ships around. There is a feeling of strength and confidence to this older boat, and as she is becoming a rarity in her industry I wanted to capture her on her own. I am always fond of a dramatic cloudscape. There is a sense of energy captured in a stormy sky that brings life to an image. I also find that the seagulls combined with the ripples and reflections in the water add a feeling of movement to the painting and really bring it to life. The painting is Acrylic on canvas and measures 14” x 22”.

Thank you for your continued support.

Neil Hamelin