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Three New Paintings

Time to share some of my most recent work! Cheri and I have been incredibly busy as the art show season gets underway, but I have been able to still put the finishing touches on some paintings, big and small, that I have had on the easel these past months.

My interest in Tall Ships and sailing frigates from our past has really captured my interest this year. I have been reading and studying everything I can find pertaining to the subject and have been gathering reference material to create future works with. We are incredibly fortunate that a society in Sweden undertook the massive task of building a replica of the Swedish East India Companies ‘Gotheborg’ that sank in 1745. It is the world’s largest operational wooden sailing vessel. The original sank off Gothenburg, Sweden, on 12 September 1745 while approaching its home harbour after returning from her third voyage to China. All sailors survived, but the ship was lost. Construction of the replica started in 1995. The hull was launched in 2003, and the rig was fully tested for the first time in 2005. As a Marine Artist getting his feet wet in the study of ships from this time frame, the ability to study photos of an actual existing ship is amazing.

The Gotheborg traded in East Asia and for this painting, I wanted to capture the ship making its way in and around the many islands of the South China Sea in the 1700′s. A storm is looming and the captain has to decide on the safest route for his ship. A ship like this is much safer at sea in a big storm than the elusive safety of a windward shore. This painting was a fantastic challenge and at it’s size at 28″x34″ it really captures attention when hanging framed on a wall. We will have the painting out of the studio for the first time this Sunday for a show at the Ladner Village Market!

SCAN gotheborg 800x800sml Three New Paintings

‘The Gotheborg’ 28″x34″ acrylic on fine art board.

I have also been working on some smaller paintings recently. The first smaller painting sold at the FCA’s gallery this past week and unfortunately it was a painting that I just could not seem to photograph accurately enough to share with you. The second painting captures the beautiful sloop ‘Savannah’ out in the Solent during a race. I love the colours in this scene and the energy captured through the movement of the water as it breaks over the bow. This painting is 14″x20″ Acrylic on fine art board, and will also be on display this weekend at the Ladner Village Market!

Finished Savannah sml Three New Paintings

‘Savannah’ 14″x20″ acrylic on fine art board

Last but not least, I have just put the final touches on this beautiful image of the Bristol Cutter Merlin, out on the emerald green waters of the Solent. I was very fortunate to befriend a photographer from the Isle of Wight, Barry James Wilson, who has allowed me to study his photos to aid in the creation of these paintings. The area is incredibly rich in maritime history and sees many of these older boats active in historic races throughout the year. This painting had a few unique challenges that were fun to figure out. One of the difficult challenges for me was to accurately capture the soft beautiful blue colour of the boat while ensuring that it was a unique colour against the sky. The other was maintaining the soft hidden horizon. I really enjoy the feel brought into the scene by the light misty fog that is resting above the water. I do not paint very many scenes with blue skies but I really enjoyed the cheery and bright feel that this painting has captured. Titled ‘Waiting On The Wind’, this painting is 16″x22″ acrylic on fine art board. We will have it on display at Ladner Village Market as well, but unfortunately the custom frame we have ordered will not be here until next week.

WOTW Finished Painting sml Three New Paintings

‘Waiting On The Wind’ 16″x22″ acrylic on fine art board

This Sunday Cheri and I will be taking part in the Ladner Village Market from 10-4pm! This event is incredible with over 170 vendors taking part! It is the largest outdoor market in Western Canada, and a great place to spend the day! More information can be found on their website at:

Thank you again for your continued support and interest in my work! If you would like more information or to see any of these paintings in person, please feel free to contact us! We’d love to hear from you!

Neil Hamelin