Canadian artist Neil Hamelin finds his inspiration in telling stories of our heritage through the weathered wood, rust and flaking paint from our past. His acrylic paintings capture the feeling of forgotten stories and adventures told by the rusted metal of vehicles and battered hulls of ships long dis-remembered for their service.

An injury led to Neil picking up a paint brush for the first time in 2010 in an attempt to find an outlet for the creativity he felt locked away inside. The immediate connection with the medium and the inspiration to master the craft has led the artist on a passion fueled journey through the realm of colour and shape.

As a self taught artist, he challenges himself daily to notice the beauty and the story in subjects that may otherwise be easily ignored. The interplay of light, shadow and colour can turn any object into the subject of a work of art, but it is a lifetime’s interest with vehicles from the past that captures this artist’s imagination. Striving to work only from his own reference materials requires the artist to be out amongst these vintage sources of transportation where he is enamoured by the artistry and craftsmanship that was once employed in their fabrication. There was a degree of aesthetics sometimes incorporated by engineers and builders of the past that resulted in subtle elements of beauty and elegance into objects that were designed primarily for function. It is this contrast between function versus form and the attempt to incorporate the two that draws this artist’s interest.

Neil relishes the process of composing these pieces of art. Coming from an Aerospace background, accuracy and detail in the creation of these artworks is the natural and comfortable realm of the artist. Neil is continually creating and adding to this collection, and invites you to look around his website.  As a Signature Status member of The Federation of Canadian Artists, his work can be found in various shows throughout the year. Upcoming shows and events are listed under the Upcoming Shows page. The My Process page on this site showcases the step by step development of works on the go and ones already finished. Feel free to contact Neil with any comments or questions. If interested in any of these pieces of art, please contact the artist by e-mail or phone by clicking on the contact tab.

Email:    Tel: 778-388-8394

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