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June 2019

We finally made the move! For years Cheri and I have been dreaming and planning about moving out to the country. Finally in May, after an exhausting amount of work, we loaded up the house and made our way over the Rockies. We've both spent our lives in BC but have always had a great affinity for the vast open prairies and proximity to the Rocky Mountains that Calgary allows for. I am heavily inspired by the western heritage that is still found out in these parts, and the old homesteads and history of the people that carved a life out here all those years ago. We managed to buy ourselves a few acres with a home that has a much bigger studio out in the country to the east of Chestermere. We are awoken by the sunrise over uninterrupted prairies to the east with a beautiful view of the Rockies as we watch the sun settle every evening. We found the peace and quiet, and inspiration we had hoped for, and are very proud to call this place home. Now its time to hit the road and start exploring all these lonely backroads!We are only days away from the start of the Calgary Stampede and the Western Showcase Artists’ Studios Show! I am incredibly proud of the collection of paintings I have this year. These paintings have been among the most challenging I have ever done. I challenge myself every time I'm in front of the easel and I believe this years collection of work stands testament to that effort. Many of the paintings at the show this year are pieces that I have been composing and dreaming about painting for years now. It is always a great pleasure to see an idea come in to existence on the canvas. It is a very personal journey each one takes and Cheri and I are both excited to share them with you at Stampede this year!The Calgary Stampede will also be hosting a great event within the show this year featuring the full collection or Charlie Russells paintings that were brought to the Calgary Stampede 100 years ago in 1919. An incredible effort was put forth by the CM Russell Museum and Calgary Stampede in locating these lost treasures and bringing them forward for us fans of Western art to see. Charlie Russell was one of the last true cowboy artists that lived and breathed the iconic scenes he created, and he was also a huge admirer and fan of the Calgary Stampede. We can't wait to see you there!

N E W  P A I N T I N G S


Title: The Art Of Patience " Medium: Oil On Board Size: 20" x 40"


Title: Seeds Of Life " Medium: Oil On Board Size: 24" x 40"


Title: The Bunkhouse " Medium: Oil On Board Size: 21" x 32"

Thank you again for your continued support and appreciation for our work! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! Email: Tel: 778-388-8394 Website:


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